YOU Win FAST Tip 1

Educating people with facts as to why they should appreciate and value and give credit and respect towards YOU, your business, your products, your services is imperative if you are to gain a long-term worth out of your customers, subscribers and followers.

They cannot appreciate, understand or recognize the value or impact what you have provided, are currently providing or intend to provide in the near future has – UNLESS YOU TELL THEM via a STORY as to the REASONS-WHY.

It is UP TO YOU to determine what your product SHOULD MEAN to the person you intend to advertise it too – and you can GO SO MUCH DEEPER than a mere promised result or multiplied version of that result- YOU CAN SUGGEST and POSE Questions your people HAVE NOT THOUGHT TO ASK and then ALSO ANSWER those same questions to retrieve and retain the love, respect and PERPETUAL business you can in turn expect from your clients, customers and people you work with, and service on an ongoing basis and FOREVER.

Quotes That Reveal the Greatest Secrets About Life and Success

“Failing to plan, is PLANNING to fail.” - Common yet underrated and very TRUE axiom

Without a vision, people PERISH.” – Anthony Robbins

“A Man Who Acquires the Ability to Take Full Possession of His Own Mind, May Take Possession of Anything Else to Which, He is Justly Entitled – Andrew Carnegie.

“Success is blueprints, followed by footprints- Me

No ONE will Get What they do NOT deserve, in the end” – Me

Identifying and Removing Constraints That Make You a Wimp


Most people have them.  More so, aren’t aware of them, or rather, the significance that they pose on one’s realistic and achieve-able goals and endeavors.

Unawareness, or laziness >> (here in defined as: non-appetite for effort to create positive change) are the causes.

Normally, it will be one or the other.

A Problem That Just Won’t Die

On Thoughts and Emotions

My personal experience about motivation has taught me a few things, some harder to articulate, quantify, or interpret than others.

I think there may be an underlying, fundamental problem that halts motivation, movement, and change.  A label, to assign to this problem could be something like, bacteria of the mind.

Fear is not always the cause of paralysis.  Nor is lack of belief towards the attainment of an object or feeling.

The Destruction of Success

There is a most sinister point one can reach that easily drains the drive to move.  Acquisition cannot be ascertained or made in good company when one chooses to settle.

Settling is when you consciously decide that things … “aren’t so bad” the way they are.  That’s when you start to lose control of living the best possible life you can make for yourself.

When You Take Action… And Life Still Doesn’t Work Out

Most of us seem to struggle with taking action against the adverse force of uncertainty.

But, what can be even more daunting, is taking action and not getting what you feel like you should get out of the act. You conquer your uncertainty, maintain your composure, you keep pushing, but you still aren’t getting there.

How to Achieve Anything

What is it you seek?

First you must know- to begin. An obvious notion, but rarely practiced or given the weight it deserves. The masses (majority) don’t bother imagining the possibility of what something, some place or someone can become.

Achievement is done by those who have vision which is imagination connected with confidence which acts like a balancing beam for targeting what you are after.

The Deconstruction of Success

Success is really just the result of good judgement over and over, drip, drip, drip into a bucket.

Good judgment is the result of awareness.

Awareness is the result of wisdom, or technically is really the same thing.

Wisdom is the result of experience.

You Cannot Begin to Live Until You Are Emotionally Aware of Exactly What You Would Die For

Most people are fond of talking.  Most people believe they know something once it makes sense to them intellectually and they can repeat it aloud in their mind- to their own audience what something means to make them feel aware.

You don’t know what it means to be aware until your emotions get involved, and by that I mean the most intense ones. Specifically, Pain.

The Real Definition For Success

Success is really just living the way you want to live.

If you are living the way you want to live then I think you are successful. If you are not living the way you want to live – then I think you have some work to do. The bulk of success is 3 things or acquiring the life you want to live is 3 things: